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Key Solutions For Data Analyists

As data analysts ourselves, we understand the challenges of your role. So, we designed Lyza to give you the power and flexibility to manage, visualize, share and control your data without complexity and without limitation.

Get data from anywhere: Lyza provides out-of-the-box connectivity to all major relational databases, flat files, excel, access, salesforce, AS400, and others. You get direct access to the data you need, without coding and without IT assistance.

Analyze across silos: Lyza's charting, formulas, and business rules are easily applied across different datasets using customizable lookup criteria, including substrings. You get to track down correlations and causes across the enterprise.

Engage your audience: Lyza's reporting channels allow your audience to interact with your charts and data and conclusions, adding comments or creating off-shoots or simply recommending to a co-worker. You get your audience to do more than just consume.

Simplify updates and versioning: Lyza's scheduling and automation features make it easy to update any report, and it maintains an archive of each version through history. You keep subscribers focused on current data, while keeping history links available.

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Key Solutions For Business Manager

As seasoned business managers ourselves, we understand the challenges of your role. So, we designed Lyza to give you the ability to better manage your resources and lever their knowledge and expertise without compromising efficiency.

Engage your experts: Lyza helps project teams find the best company experts on any subject and get their help, and it helps experts find opportunities to apply what they know. Either way, you get more out of your human capital.

Find useful information easily: Lyza gives you a single search box from which to discover all the relevant information across the company, whatever its format or source. And, user commentary, ratings, annotations, and tags help you understand what you find.

Improve decision making: Lyza provides the information discovery tools, analytical tools, communication tools, and polling tools to help you identify more alternatives and easily build consensus for the best solution.

Improve knowledge retention and training: Lyza captures the expertise shared between co-workers on every subject and project, whether it's data, documents, or discussions. This knowledge is available for future study by new team members or new hires.

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Key Solutions for the Technologist

As technologists ourselves, we understand the challenges of your role. So, we designed Lyza to leverage your current IT investments, and to securely fit in with your business without the complexity found in most enterprise software platforms.

Lever your BI investments: Lyza projects your existing reporting resources from BI tools like Business Objects and Oracle Hyperion into the collaboration space. You get broader engagement with your BI data, at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce data duplication: Lyza's Groups allow private conversations around common data, without making copies. You keep everyone on the single version of truth in data, while allowing freedom for many unique discussions and uses.

Do Enterprise Social Software securely: Lyza's Mesh Trust feature ensures that remixed data are not re-shared beyond the control of the original publisher. You give people freedom recombine, annotate, rate, and share information, but you don't lose control.

Improve enterprise search: Lyza provides one-click search for people, information and conversations. Unified search across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured content helps people find what they need easily so they don't try to recreate the wheel.

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It's simple. Lyza works with all major operating systems, browsers, productivity apps, and databases. It even works with existing web reports from other Bl products.


Thousands of users, no problem.
Hundreds of thousands of reports, no problem.
Millions of collaborative conversations, no problem.
Billions of records, no problem.

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Scott Davis
Founder & CEO

Depending upon your perspective, Scott is either a renaissance man or a jack-of-all-trades. He has 20 years' experience across a wide range of decision sciences with leading enterprises in air transportation, utilities, telecom, mining, high-tech, and financial servicesas an executive, a consultant, and an entrepreneur. He is a philosopher more than an engineer or mathematician, and he is a master of the art of storytelling, both as a leadership principle and a user-experience design practice.

Brian Krasovec
Founder & CTO

Every software company needs a
translatorsomeone who speaks both product and technology, someone who understands people and design. At Lyza, Brian is this person. He has made a career solving hard problems through technology in a way that impacts people. His background is in Operations Research, so he loves math, economics, and computer science, but only at work. Outside of work, he loves his wife and four children, with whom he lives on a parcel of land.

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